The Artist in Me

I am an artist...and this I knew by age 7!  I truly enjoy being an instructor of art...I educate to inspire and be inspired~ I started 'Paradise Found Art & Design' with my husband Jeff ~ Some 25 years ago and we never looked back (too busy)  Of course our best creations---> our daughters!  What fuels longevity in this field, is always Family and Friends!  

Writing has always been an important part of my art journey whether it be writing on Art Theory/Philosophy, Art Education or adding in an inspirational quote to my painting... Most importantly though, teaching art has given me back a wealth of insight into the process of creativity. I believe that what is most important to an artist is that we never stop being a student... Keep the creative fires burning by always searching and sharing.


Basically Art is about giving humanity something human that is boundless, infinite and important enough to have withstood time... changing, evolving, no matter what...it remains, forever in our hands.