The Artsy Kid becomes an Artist

I was 7 when I made a promise to myself that I would be an artist. I remember thinking that it was a done deal and that was that. I've taught many children over the years who told me they were artists and I had no doubt that they were. 

If I try and recall how I knew I wanted to be an artist the obvious answer would be because  I drew 24/7 and finding blank paper became a quest! I was never bored when I was alone as long as I had my art tools. I drew people and I was 7, so mostly I drew princesses and fancy girls. Looking back I was (shy) but happy. Being more outgoing and sociable was something my parents and teachers were constantly trying to teach me...  I put the word shy in bracets for a reason as we sometimes call quiet people shy but I think they're two distinctly different traits or characteristics. I was outgoing with my friends and my family but not so much with people I didn't know. But in any situation if I needed something or to say something I could. The (shyest) child has always been able to come over to me and ask for more paint! :)

As I got older I lived and breathed art. I took up painting in my early teens and that was a struggle because it didn't come naturally the way drawing did. I couldn't manage the medium of oils and made crazy messes on canvases and the recroom floor, oops!  Eventually I would face my messy foe in second year university when I came eye to eye with a blank canvas larger than me. A do or die situation that we all had to face in university and as intimidating as it was I learned to paint. 

Teaching art has been one of the best decision I ever made and teaching art with my husband and opening an art school was/is rewarding beyond words. Out of the thousands of students we have taught from age 3 to 83 I have met the art 'child' in all of them! That's been a wonderful experience and driving force in my career... understanding and witnessing the creative imagination in people!   I do not ask my peers to give me a critique on my art...I ask the young kids and they give me the best and most honest responses! (sometimes ouch lol) 

So 25 years eh.... but who's counting?! I am teaching the next generation already! Cheers! 


The Many Faces Of Art

I have been an artist long enough to remember

a black & white photoshop & a steady stream of bygone MacApples, some of them I still hang onto out of Nostalgia... In the 90's I used my computer to design organic shapes resembling flowers and from there I painted these shapes the old fashion way> on a canvas. I made a series of large 4'x6' canvases I called 'AppleBlossoms' because I had drawn them first on my Apple desktop. Seems very ho-hum now but in '93 the results were unusal looking. I liked them but after some time went by, I recycled the canvases A.K.A. painted over them. 

I am not the most adept artist with the internet and computers but I can hold my own, meaning I try to keep up, which is one reason for this website and blog...keeping up.  I think one of the values of teaching art is that I have to stay current and what better way to stay current than younger students sharing knowhow with me. Yes I teach them and they teach win! 

But getting back to 'The Many Faces Of Art....where do we start?

One fact we can all agree on is that Art is very subjective and that's not a negative thing it is just a given.  Everything I have faith in artwise is a product of my past art education, mentors, travels, research and a countless number of great art conversations with Jeff.  Everything is fodder to art! So I'm going to start with 'Me' which is to say, I'm going to go back to when I was a kid and drawing 24/7. This is one face many can relate to and if you aren't this type of kid I bet you know one! Coming up next... The Artsy Kid!  

P.S. Happy 150 Canada!!