The Artsy Kid becomes an Artist

I was 7 when I made a promise to myself that I would be an artist. I remember thinking that it was a done deal and that was that. I've taught many children over the years who told me they were artists and I had no doubt that they were. 

If I try and recall how I knew I wanted to be an artist the obvious answer would be because  I drew 24/7 and finding blank paper became a quest! I was never bored when I was alone as long as I had my art tools. I drew people and I was 7, so mostly I drew princesses and fancy girls. Looking back I was (shy) but happy. Being more outgoing and sociable was something my parents and teachers were constantly trying to teach me...  I put the word shy in bracets for a reason as we sometimes call quiet people shy but I think they're two distinctly different traits or characteristics. I was outgoing with my friends and my family but not so much with people I didn't know. But in any situation if I needed something or to say something I could. The (shyest) child has always been able to come over to me and ask for more paint! :)

As I got older I lived and breathed art. I took up painting in my early teens and that was a struggle because it didn't come naturally the way drawing did. I couldn't manage the medium of oils and made crazy messes on canvases and the recroom floor, oops!  Eventually I would face my messy foe in second year university when I came eye to eye with a blank canvas larger than me. A do or die situation that we all had to face in university and as intimidating as it was I learned to paint. 

Teaching art has been one of the best decision I ever made and teaching art with my husband and opening an art school was/is rewarding beyond words. Out of the thousands of students we have taught from age 3 to 83 I have met the art 'child' in all of them! That's been a wonderful experience and driving force in my career... understanding and witnessing the creative imagination in people!   I do not ask my peers to give me a critique on my art...I ask the young kids and they give me the best and most honest responses! (sometimes ouch lol) 

So 25 years eh.... but who's counting?! I am teaching the next generation already! Cheers!